Luxurious Spa Pedicures

Our Pedicure Bench for Two

Our Pedicure Bench for Two

The spa offers the BEST in pedicure services Our quiet environment, and our presentation, will make your visit serene, peaceful.


It’s the works! It’s over an hour long…. starting at  $50.

Starting with a custom temperature foot soak in our beautiful bowl. Then the real pampering begins. This covers all of the care of the nails and cuticles.

A pre treat callus cream, heel work and a leg and foot scrub, mask over the leg and foot, hot towels, brushed warmed lotion with custom DoTerra oils on legs and feet. Followed by a long massage on legs and feet. Finished with polish of your choice.

We typically serve hot teas and cold water or seltzer lemon lime….or wine…or a spa favorite, our mimosa… Feel free to text or message to book 541 337 5978.

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