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Welcome to Brewing Wellness

With over 15 years of experience with aromatherapy, business, and management, I personally strive to touch the lives of people who come find me. I love offering practical solutions to daily issues most of us struggle with. I teach most people through my businesses and online.

Learn more about who I am and what I do in my small coastal community. Brewing Wellness was created to share information, educate and create community. Creating a community has been the driving force behind each of my businesses. Learn more about my businesses, as you explore the site.

A little about me, I love the good things in life. I also love the small things in life. I am a wife to my high school sweetheart of over twenty years, we are raising two wonderful children.  I have a siamese cat and a mini pincher dog. I love brew, creativity, and writing. I have a strong intense passion for energy, nature and the earth. I love to teach, assist and be there for those who need me.  In the last year, I have worked with many mentors to reach my Reiki practitioner goals and learning about metaphysical properties. I love to learn from other people and have created a vast network in the last decade of like-minded individuals.

My husband also comes along with me during these adventures. He has been able to see the power behind natural alternatives in our own home. He stands beside me on this journey.  We both have very similar interests, and both love to do things together. Brewing Wellness is also about both of us, as much as it will be for your family. We work together in all aspects of our businesses and life.



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